Social Studies

  • Overview

    Social studies instruction in the Freeport School District focuses on developing inquiry skills through an understanding of civics, geography, economics, and history. Classes are designed around students' growing awareness of the world around them, starting with families and communities in the early grades and building to national and global citizenship in high school. Throughout their classes, students will learn how to find and analyze resources, draw conclusions, and take informed action.



    Social studies instruction in the Freeport School District is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Social Sciences and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework.



    Students in grades K-5 use Savvas Learning Company's myWorld Interactive.

    Students in grade 6 use National Geographic Learning's World History: Great Civilizations.

    Students in grade 7 use National Geographic Learning's U.S. History: American Stories.

    Students in grade 8 use National Geographic Learning's World Cultures and Geography.

    All students at Freeport High School take U.S. History, Civics, and World History, which are required for graduation. Elective classes include the following: AP European History, African-American History, American Women's History, Current Events Writing Workshop, Geography, International Affairs, Psychology, and Sociology. More details for these courses can be found in the FHS course catalog.