Welcome to Freeport School District 145!

  • About FSD

    About 3800 students come to Freeport Public Schools each day. We consider it our job to open the door of learning for each student. Located in the northwest corner of Illinois, Freeport School District 145 (FSD145) serves the children of Freeport (population 25,000) and the nearby bedroom communities of Cedarville (population 750) and Ridott (population 150).

    Today, FSD145 maintains nine busy school buildings: an International Baccalaureate school (grades K-6), five additional elementary schools (preschool - 4th grade); one upper elementary school (grades 5-6); one middle school (grades 7-8); one high school (grades 9-12); and one alternative high school, as well as a smaller transitional education facility (grades 5-12). Our dedicated staff of 725, encouraged and supported by the school board and the administration, works diligently to understand and meet the needs of each of our students.

    Our Mission:

     In partnership with families, students, and the community, we commit to creating an innovative, inclusive, and student-centered learning environment so that all students are equipped and empowered to choose their college, workplace and career path, while becoming productive members of their community.


    Our CORE Commitments:


    High quality public education is the collective work of the entire school district. We want to develop in our students a love for learning, the motivation to take initiative and set goals for themselves, work collaboratively with peers, think critically and make choices that are grounded in healthy living and belief in their potential to achieve great things, and the desire to give back to their community. We also recognize that environmental conditions that promote success along the developmental and learning continuum include support for positive, trusting relationships, a sense of belonging and purpose, physical and emotional safety, and developing emotional connections.  


    Being good stewards of our resources is our obligation to our taxpayers. Ensuring that we have in place mechanisms for departments to manage performance and set achievable goals for business and finance, human resources, and  technology that puts our district on a solid financial footing and mitigates risks, provides sustainable resources for our schools. We will be smart in utilizing federal, state, and local grants to align school and district improvement plans and yield results for students. Our capital improvement plan in the next five years will guarantee the upkeep and modernization of our facilities in order to provide students with the best learning environments. 


    We value parent and community engagement, building trust with the community , extracurricular programs, electives and before and after-school programming. We will embrace transparency in how we communicate with the community  and welcome feedback from parents, students, the community, and employees. We will work together through a continuous improvement process. The education of children cannot be done in isolation. It takes collective effort to have a collective impact on student achievement.