• Joining a Zoom Meeting

    If you are a student, using a Chromebook, and you haven't used Zoom recently, take a minute to check that the Zoom app has the correct permissions.
    If a Zoom tab does not open up when Chrome starts, click the Zoom app in at the bottom of the Chromebook start screen to launch Zoom.  Remember that if you close that tab (or app) , then you won't be able to join a Zoom meeting. 
    To get your login working again, try these steps:
    1. Go to your managed bookmarks and select : "Login to Zoom".  This will force your browser to log you in to Zoom using your fsd145 username and password. 
    2. Please keep the Zoom tab open after you have verified you are logged in correctly.
    3. Open a new tab try your Zoom meeting link.  It's probably in an email, posted to Schoology or Padlet.
    If this does not correct the problem for you, it could be something wrong with the setup of the meeting.  If that's the case, please contact your teacher(s) to let them know.  They can adjust settings or get technical support to get Zoom working properly.

    Student's Guide to Schoology

    The student guide to Schoology will help students with the basic functions of Schoology.  You can skip the section on login.  Instead, please head to our district Schoology page (https://schoology.fsd145.org/) and "Sign in with Google" when given that option.

    Important Systems and Services


    Clever is a platform that makes it easier to use classroom technology. Clever allows students to go to one website to access many of the tools they need for school. You don't have to remember links to many sites. Clever's Instant Login lets students log into multiple applications without having to enter different usernames and passwords for each one.

    Using a Clever Badge to log in:

    1. Make sure that you have the current Clever Badge QR code.
    2. When presented with the login screen, choose "Clever Badge log in" and allow camera access.
    3. Show the Clever Badge to the camera. 

    To log in with Clever username and password:

    1. Go to the FSD145 Clever portal.
    2. Choose the Google option.
    3. Enter your login information.
      • Student username: studentid@students.fsd145.org (example = 123456789@students.fsd145.org)
      • Student password: usually a student's birthdate (example = 02162006)

    The student ID number is located on a student's ID badge, is visible in Skyward Family Access, or can be provided by your teacher. Passwords may change, depending on when you've last changed your password.


    Schoology is our learner management system.  This is the first stop for classroom assignments and grades.  Students have access to all of their course materials including links to resources, assignments, due dates, and communication/messaging tools to contact their teacher.  Parents can view upcoming assignment and quiz due dates as well as monitor their child's progress in completing work.

    Students log into Schoology:

    1. Go to the FSD145 Schoology website.
    2. Use the "Sign in with Google" option.  Make sure to choose the Google account associated with your FSD145 email address (XXXXXXXXX@students.fsd145.org)

    Skyward Family Access

    Skyward Family Access is an informational resource made available to every Freeport School District family. This online system provides access to real-time information about your  attendance, schedule, and nutrition services account. .

    Google Docs

    FSD145 uses Google's G Suite for Education for cloud-based email, document creation, and storage.  Many other software, services, and applications will use a "sign-in with Google" option that gives students quick and easy access to their work.  All district Chromebooks require students to sign in with their Google username and password.

    Enter your login information.

    • Student username: studentid@students.fsd145.org (example = 123456789@students.fsd145.org)
    • Student password: usually a student's birthdate (example = 02162006)

    K-4 students may also have the option to log in with the student's Clever Badge. 


    If you have questions, ask your teacher or create a support ticket https://studenthelp.fsd145.org/support/login.