• Standards Based Grading in FSD145

    In our efforts to make grades meaningful, Freeport School District uses astandards-based reporting system that describes what we expect students to learn and be able to do. The purpose of the standards-based reporting system is to communicate where students stand in reference to specific expectations for their learning.

    The K-5 standards-based report cards list the English/language arts and math expectations or student learner outcomes, based on the Illinois Learning Standards.

    Four (4) levels of student achievement are used to communicate a student’s progress in regard to specific learning standards. The four levels are as follows:

    • 4 Exceeds --  A student consistently knows this concept and additionally shows understanding at a higher level than the grade level standard. 
    • 3 Proficient --  A student consistently shows growth,indicating a student has mastered grade level expectations. 
    • 2 Progressing --   A student shows gradual movement toward understanding the standard and may need more support and time to reach proficiency. Or, the student may have just been introduced to the concept. 
    • 1 Needs to Improve --   A student consistently displays misunderstanding of the concept or shows inconsistent results toward mastery and needs additional support. 

    In addition to the four (4) levels of student achievement, an “X” indicates the standard is not being assessed at this time.


    The examples below list the current standards reported in grades K-5.

    NOTE: Spanish is only taught at Jones-Farrar.  Other elementary schools do not offer foreign language instruction.