• Illinois state law requires all vehicles to stop for school buses when the red flashing lights are on and the stop arm is out.

    • Both directions of traffic must stop for buses when the red lights are flashing on two-lane roads.

    Two-Lane Road

    • On four-lane roads, only the traffic traveling in the same direction as the school bus has to stop.

    Four-Lane Road

    • Vehicles must stop for stop arms, on private property, in parking lots or any other place a bus is stopped loading or unloading students.

     Violating school bus stop arm laws can result in the following.

    • Suspended Drivers License for up to THREE MONTHS on your 1st offense and a $150 fine
    • Suspended Drivers License for up to ONE YEAR on your 2nd offense and a $500 fine

    Disobeying a stop arm can result in an accident, serious injury, or the loss of a life.