• Starting in the fall of 2019 the Freeport School District will have 15 buses equipped with Stop Arm Cameras. The cameras are able to take video and still shots of cars illegally passing stopped school buses, the camera's footage will be shared with our local law enforcement agencies to aid in the prosecution of offenders. The cameras will also be used to verify that a stop arm violation actually occurred. Our stop arm cameras are produced by Gatekeeper Systems and are used on buses in both the USA and Canada.

    Stop Arm Information

    If you have questions or would like more information please contact our office. 


    Illinois state law requires all vehicles to stop for school buses when the red flashing lights are on and the stop arm is out.

    • Both directions of traffic must stop for buses when the red lights are flashing on two-lane roads.

    Two-Lane Road

    • On four-lane roads, only the traffic traveling in the same direction as the school bus has to stop.

    Four-Lane Road

    • Vehicles must stop for stop arms, on private property, in parking lots or any other place a bus is stopped loading or unloading students.

     Violating school bus stop arm laws can result in the following.

    • Suspended Drivers License for up to THREE MONTHS on your 1st offense and a $150 fine
    • Suspended Drivers License for up to ONE YEAR on your 2nd offense and a $500 fine

    Disobeying a stop arm can result in an accident, serious injury, or the loss of a life.