Enrollment and Registration

  • Freeport School District Registration

    Freeport School District uses InfoSnap for our new student enrollment process. Families are encouraged to fill out the online enrollment forms prior to coming to the Enrollment and Transportation Center. If you do not have access to a computer, computers are available at the Enrollment and Transportation Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Freeport.

    If you are new to the district and are unsure which school your child will attend, please contact the Freeport School District Enrollment and Transportation Center at (815) 232-0580, or chose "unknown" while filling out your forms and we will assist you when you come in to finalize enrollment.

    New students and existing students require different forms for registration. A new student would not have attended FSD145 schools during the prior school year or had left FSD 145 during the prior school year.

    Freeport School District 145 Blended Preschool enrollment is limited. Children must attend a Preschool Screening to get on the wait list. Call 815-801-0372 to make an appointment for screening and learn about the process.

    Important Reminders: 

    1. Each child being enrolled will be placed in their neighborhood school based on your address.
    2. Enrollment is not finalized until the parent/guardian comes to the Enrollment and Transportation Center with proof of residency, ID and birth certificate.
    3. Parents may choose to enroll their child in a half-day Kindergarten option. Parents choosing to enroll their child in half-day Kindergarten must still complete all registration forms. There is no "short" form for half-day Kindergarten.

    School Fees:

    Book rental fees may be paid at any time and will be available once schedules are complete.

    School Fees:
    High School- $100.00
    Middle School- $75.00
    Elementary School-$50.00

    Fee waivers will be available in late July and will be accepted until September 30, 2018.

    All fees are payable at your student's school, the Enrollment and Transportation Center, or online.

    Please do not pay for elective courses until you have received your child's schedule.

    First Day Exclusion

    Your child (grades K, 6, 9, and all new students) must have an Illinois School Physical and all immunizations up-to-date and on file with the school nurse by the first day of school or your child will not be able to attend.

    Important: Please retain a copy of all forms for your records before mailing or dropping the originals off at the Enrollment and Transportation Center.

    If you have questions about how to complete the registration forms or which forms you are required to complete for your child, please contact the Enrollment and Transportation Center.