• Parent Notification Regarding Web/Social Media Publishing

    FSD145 is making a concentrated effort to promote the positive activities, honors, and work of our staff and students. This includes working with the local newspapers, radio, and television stations and also developing our own publications via district website and social media portals. These publications include information, likenesses, and images of the student and his/her schoolwork.  As we go about these efforts, there will be opportunities for various students to be interviewed and/or photographed and identified by name, classroom, or school.  

    FSD145 understands that some parents may request that we do not identify their child(ren).  If you have changes to family or personal circumstances that require changes in permissions regarding your child's photo publication, please contact your child's school secretary to update the permissions you have granted to the school district.

    Please note, however, that your child’s image or likeness may appear in occasional candid photos without any type of name identification and the use of these candid photos of your child is permissible. The FSD145 photo release permission does not apply to photographs taken during public events. Students who attend public events forfeit their rights to retain authority over the publication of photos taken.

    Protecting Student and Staff Privacy

    Personal information concerning students, staff members, or parent volunteers, including home mailing addresses, home email addresses, and telephone numbers, shall not be made publicly available on District Web pages or social media portals.  In rare cases, the building administrator may make an exception to post information for parent volunteers.  For example, the PTO President may request to have his/her personal email address posted on the website under a special section for the PTO.

    A student’s personally identifying information such as last name, home address, phone number, email address, or other student record information shall not be made publicly available on the District’s website or social media portals.  

    Web pages and social media publications shall not display student photographs or copies of student work unless a parent has signed a publicity/photo/name release.  The employee publishing the content is still required to notify the parent/guardian (per notification indicated above) prior to posting the student’s photo or copy of the student’s work.  Upon receiving this notification, parents may choose not to have their child’s photo or work published.  A parent’s decision in this regard is final.

    When a student’s photo or work is published, the information must be presented in a way that does not associate a student’s full name with his/her photograph or copy of his/her work.