• For general work order requests, please create a support ticket.

    You will be required to log in (sign in with Google).  Please provide as much information as you can when describing the technical issues you are having.  If possible, include exact wording or screenshots of error messages.

    Staff Support Portal (https://staffhelp.fsd145.org/)

    Student Support Portal (https://studenthelp.fsd145.org)

    Or you can always contact the Technology Department Help Desk

    Call 815-232-0569 M-F, 7am - 4pm. 
    Please leave a detailed message if we are unavailable to answer your call.

    For specific work order requests, visit the quick links below.
    Work Order Requests

    Requests to Add Access to Software, Applications, and Extensions:

    For a complete list of approved software, applications, and extensions, check out the Technology Department Website -- Third-Party Software and Services. If a teacher or staff member would like to request a new website, application, or extension, Please submit the request through the links provided above. 

    1. We will take a look at the related data privacy documents, terms of service, and system requirements.
    2. We will also contact the curriculum coordinator to make sure that the request is going to fit with our existing curriculum.  We will touch base with the department director or principal.
    3. If everything checks out, we will make a recommendation to unblock the extension or website (if it's a free service).  Or forward the recommendation to the appropriate Director, Principal, etc (person who will sign the contract and pay the bill) for approval.
    4. If it’s approved, then the Instructional Technology Coordinator will work with the IT taff to get the implementation going.

    Requests to Add Access to Videos

    FSD145 requires teachers to comply with all applicable copyright laws when using video resources in the classroom. Addtitionally, please follow the guidelines below:

    Elementary Schools may only show "G" rated videos.

    Middle Schools
    (1) may show "G" rated videos.
    (2) may show "P.G." rated videos with approval of the building administrator and the parents (written).
    (3) may not show videos with more restrictive ratings (e.g. P.G.-13, R, Unrated, NC-17, X).

    Senior High School 
    (1) may show "G" rated videos.
    (2) may show "P.G." rated videos with approval of the department.
    (3) may show "P.G.-13" rated videos with approval of the department, a building administrator, and the parent (written).
    (4) may show appropriate segments of “R” rated show videos with approval of the department, a building administrator, and the parent (written). May show full-length “R” rated videos in appropriate courses (e.g. film studies).
    (5) may not show any video with more restrictive ratings (e.g. Unrated, NC-17, X).

  • Online Office Hours 

    During emergency closure, the FSD145 Technology Department will host online open office hours via Zoom several times during the week.

    K-4 Teachers -- 8-9am Tuesdays

    5-6 Teachers -- 1-2pm Tuesdays

    7-8 Teachers -- 1-2pm Thursdays

    9-12 Teachers -- 8-9am Thursdays

    Parents (Zoom account required) -- 2:30-3:30pm Tuesdays

    Students -- 2:30-3:30pm Thursdays

    These are times to ask questions, troubleshoot, and problem solve.  These sessions won't be dedicated to specific topics and will not be recorded.  Some issues won't be resolved during the session and may need you to create a support ticket so that a technician can provide individual support.  The sessions are divided by grade level to make sure there is time to address issues that are most relevant to the group.