• Amanda Williams

    Director of Nutrition & Dining Services
    Freeport School District #145



    Biographical Information


    Amanda Williams began serving as Director of Nutrition & Dining Services for Freeport School District in May 2015. Her previous experience includes 2 years as the restaurant manager at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in Galena, IL, and time spent as an office assistant for Farmer’s Organic Foods International in Stockton, IL. Prior to that, Amanda gained experience as a restaurant manager and food and beverage manager at other restaurants and as an operations manager at the Marriott International / Residence Inn on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

    Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Food and Beverage Operations from Kendall College. She is also a local graduate of Freeport High School.

    Amanda lives in the area with her husband, Jacob, and two young children.

    Work Information

    Responsible for the district food service program, personnel and catering projects to insure that all students are provided with an eating environment that is safe and clean; an environment that functions smoothly, comfortably, and facilitates learning and teaching. 

    Key Responsibilities
    • Directs the district school food service program in conformance with federal and state laws and regulations, local and state health ordinances and school district policies.
    • Interviews, screens, and recommends appointment of all food service personnel.
    • Implements appropriate training for all food service personnel.
    • Administers personnel policies and evaluates food service managers and head cooks while standardizing personnel policies, levels of cleanliness, health and safety.
    • Oversees a million dollar plus budget; operates a program of cooperative purchasing among cafeterias.
    • Standardizes cafeteria accounting procedures in cooperation with the district business office.
    • Prepares application of government surplus food for school cafeteria use and directs its distribution and transfer.
    • Prepares a bid analysis for all items requiring such bids by law or Board policy; consults on plans for new or renovated food preparation centers.
    • Prepares all applications for federal subsidies; arranges audits of cafeteria accounts through approved auditors.
    • Reviews and evaluates all requests for purchase of new equipment.
    • Plans and supervises the preparation and serving of menus; supervises catering for district-sponsored events as required.
    • Standardizes the size of portions served as related to meal type in accordance with federal guidelines.
    • Communicates with public concerning menus and services offered by the school cafeterias and of the health and educational benefits gained by children/school food service program.
    • Cooperates as a partner in education by supporting nutrition educational promotions.
    • Responsible for summer feeding program grants.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned.
Last Modified on October 11, 2016