• Second Step Programs

    Freeport School District 145 uses Second Step digital curriculum for Social Emotional Learning, which is a Tier 1 universal program for grades K-8. The Second Step program empowers preschoolers, teens, and all ages in between to build skills for success. The Second Step digital program consists of a variety of media, activities, and interactive components that provide opportunities for culturally relevant teaching. 

    Second Step Elementary is a research-based SEL program that includes units:    

    • Growth Mindset and Goal Setting 
    • Emotion Management 
    • Empathy and Kindness
    • Problem-Solving 

    Elementary School Scope and Sequence for lessons-Elementary Scope and Sequence 

    Second Step Middle School is a program for grades 6-8. The enhanced curriculum includes:

    • Bullying and harassment
    • Relatable scenarios for students
    • Differentiation between grade levels
    • Additional interactive activities to keep students engaged in learning

    The middle school units include:

    • Mindsets and Goals
    • Recognizing Bullying and Harassment 
    • Thoughts, Emotions, and Decisions
    • Managing Relationships and Social Conflict (Grades 7th and 8th)

    Middle School Scope and Sequence for lessons-Middle Scope and Sequence  

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