• The Freeport School District employs Family Resource Coordinators (FRC) at its kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school level. The objective is to promote partnerships between schools and parents/guardians that enable children to learn, achieve and develop socially and emotionally.

    Where school-home links are strong, students’motivation, attendance and levels of academic achievement improve. The research overwhelmingly demonstrates that parent involvement in children’s learning is positively related to achievement. While parent involvement can take many forms, research shows active parent involvement, such as working with your child at home, supporting school activities, helping out in the classroom and going on field trips result in greater student benefits.

    Each of the FRC’s has a caseload of 25 students. Referrals to the FRC can be made by your child’s teacher or by you as the parent/guardian.

    The Family Resource Coordinator's primary purpose is to improve student performance in 5 key areas: Academic Progress, Attendance, Tardiness, Behavior, and Health. Some of the ways the Family Resource Coordinator can help include:


    • Provide needed school and/or homework supplies
    • Attend school meetings with parents/guardians, if requested
    • Assist parents/guardians with interactions and communication between school and home
    • Recommend students for support services, such as tutoring
    • Work with teachers, students and parents/guardians to develop interventions for improvement at home and school 
    • Monitor student progress and interventions
    • Communicate regularly with teacher(s) and home
    • Work with students on reading and math skills if needed (pull-in and/or pull-out)


    • Make home visits as needed
    • Assist MTSS team in setting goals to improve attendance, if needed
    • Assist students/families in setting goals for attendance /tardy improvement
    • Establish linkages with community agencies to improve attendance/tardies, if needed
    • Recommend students for support services to improve attendance/tardy
    • Work with District Liaison to improve student attendance 


    • Work with the MTSS team and parents/guardians to develop interventions for improvement for students
    • Consult with and/or recommend students to Behavior Intervention Specialist to improve behavior at school 
    • Assist MTSS team in setting goals for student improvement


    • Refer families to health and social service agencies
    • Assist in meeting district guidelines for student physicals and immunizations

    Contact information for the FRC at your child’s school is listed below:
    Blackhawk School - Gigi Ditzler
    Center School - Jersie Zink
    Empire School - Vache Fleming
    Email: vache.fleming@fsd145.org

    Jones-Farrar, an IB World School - Amanda Robinson
    Lincoln-Douglas School - Lindsey Thomas
    Carl Sandburg School - Latrice Newton
    Email: latrice.newton@fsd145.org                                              
    Freeport Middle School - Melanie Brown