Early Childhoold/preschool screening for the Fall 21-22 school year will begin in August. If you have a child that is 3-5 years of age, not eligible for Kindergarten and wish to enroll them in preschool, they will have to go through the screening process. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the screening process will be conducted over the phone.

    If you would like to have your child screened please contact Dawn Monge, Assistant Director of PPS at 815-801-0858 or email dawn.monge@fsd145.org.


    FSD's Blended Preschool Program is comprised of the P.A.S.S. Program (Prekindergarten Active Steps to Success) and Special Education Preschool. The program is for 3-5 year old children living within the Freeport School District.

    FSD145 Blended Preschool:

    • is taught by a certified teacher and a paraeducator
    • enrolls 17 children per session
    • meets 5 days per week during the district school year
    • meets 2.5 hours per day
    • includes bus transportation within the district
    • serves nutritious snacks
    • classrooms are located in all FSD elementary buildings: Blackhawk, Center, Empire, Jones-Farrar and Lincoln-Douglas.

    How do I enroll my child for FSD145 Blended Preschool?

    If your child has not been in Early Intervention, he or she must attend screening and parents must fill out a Family Profile and an Ages & Stages Questionnaire. Screening appointments are required. Screening takes approximately 45 minutes and is provided in a natural play-based environment. Children who need preschool the most are offered space first. 

    During the screening, your child will be evaluated for:

    • Fine motor skills, such as holding a pencil, drawing, and cutting
    • Gross motor skills, such as walking, jumping, throwing and catching
    • Learning skills, such as counting, colors, and shapes
    • Speech and language skills, such as vocabulary, sentence length, and articulation
    • Social emotional skills, such as attention, compliance, and play skills

    Referrals for further evaluation may be recommended if needed. If your child is accepted into the FSD Blended Preschool program, you will be required to register your child online for the elementary school he/she will be attending and to provide the required registration paperwork, including a birth certificate and health records.

    For more information, call 815-801-0858.

    Children who have been enrolled in Early Intervention through Child and Family Connections will participate in a Transition Process to determine eligibility.

    FSD145 Blended Preschool is provided by the Illinois State Board of Education through the Regional Office of Education #8 and Freeport School District #145.