Teacher-Student Video Conferencing

  • FSD145 is currently piloting several options for video conferencing.

    Two of these options are currently available for FSD145 teachers to use when communicating with their students.  These options may change at any time.

    Student participation in video conferencing is optional.  Students will not be penalized in any way if they do not to participate in video conferencing.

    Parents should follow normal procedures for visiting a classroom if they wish to monitor a classroom video conference.  Simply email the teacher and they will work with the buidling principal to arrange a time for you to visit their virtual classroom.

    Expectations for students who participate in an online video conference session.

    1. Do NOT share meeting URLs or passwords.  Sharing this information is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
    2. All school rules apply.  Appropriate clothing, language, and conduct are expected.
    3. Be on time.  Students who are late will be locked out of the session.
    4. Test technology ahead of time to make sure your microphone is working properly.  A video camera is not necessary.
    5. Use headphones or earbuds.
    6. Be an active participant. Wait your turn.  Be respectful of other participants.

    If a student does not follow these expectations, they will be removed from the session. 

    Recording a session is an option for teachers, but teachers must provide the following information prior to recording any video conferencing session:

    1. Once all participants are logged in, the teacher must state clearly that they are recording the video.
    2. State the purpose for recording the video conference.
    3. Explain where the recording will be stored and if students will be able to view the recording later. 
    4. If the video will be removed at a later date, state how long the recording will be available.

    If you have questions about video conferencing, plese contact your child's teacher and they would be happy to answer any questions.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in video conferencing, please let you child's teacher know of your preferences.