• This information is intended for special education students and their parents while schools are closed on emergency learning days.

    Below is a .pdf that provides 6 days of activities as well as other additional resources.

    • Please help and support your child through these activities. 
    • If you have questions, feel free to contact your child's teacher via email
    The current health crisis due to COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way children, teens, and adults live their daily lives. The links under treatment resources give some guidance for families which may be especially helpful in managing the stresses that both parents and students experience.  The resources address topics such as how to talk to your children about coronavirus, helping teens cope with anxiety related to coronavirus, as well as management of disaster media coverage among many other topics relevant to the current pandemic.  If you have specific concerns regarding how your student is coping, please reach out to the school social worker or school counselor where your student attends for additional resources.


    Below is a list of Social Workers and Counselors across the district.  Please use this contact information if you need/want to reach them.

    Blackhawk Elementary School

    • Pam Henderson - email: pam.henderson@fsd145.org

    Empire Elementary School 

    • Tarica Jackson - email: tarica.jackson@fsd145.org

    Lincoln Douglas Elementary School 

    • Linda VanBarriger - email: linda.vanbarriger@fsd145.org

    Taylor Park Elementary School 

    • Donna Reel - email: donna.reel@fsd145.org

    Carl Sandburg School 

    • Maria Tuten - email: maria.tuten@fsd145.org
    • Danielle Jackson - email: danielle.jackson@fsd145.org
    • Christine Hodges - email: christine.hodges@fsd145.org

    Freeport Middle School

    • Amy Riehle - email: amy.riehle@fsd145.org
    • Steven Jordan - email: steven.jordan@fsd145.org
    • Kruti Parikh - email: kruti.parikh@fsd145.org 

    Freeport High School

    • Amy Larson - email: amy.larson@fsd145.org
    • Jeannette Diddens - email: jeannette.diddens@fsd145.org 
    • Sara Shockey - email: sara.shockey@fsd145.org
    • Jeff Lawfer - email: jeff.lawfer@fsd145.org
    • Stacy Shorter - email: stacy.shorter@fsd145.org
    • Paul Heimer - email: paul.heimer@fsd145.org

    SITE/Banks Bergagna 

    • Kyli Marshall - email: kyli.marshall@fsd145.org