Philosophy Statement/ Goals & Objectives

    Freeport School District is vested in the espousal that all students are lifelong learners, and have unique areas of interests, talents and insights. As an educational community, our highest priority is ensuring that we facilitate the best learning opportunities for our students. Our language programs seek to develop and strengthen the language competencies of English learners in ways that will ensure the overall academic success, while also supporting their cultural orientations so that they can experience social and economic success in the world.

    For more information on the language programs within the district, please view our Bilingual Program Handbook


    Instructional & Curricular Program Outline


    Program Objectives and Strategies

    Entrance Program Criteria and Procedures

    Program Models of Instruction

    Instructional Language Distribution


    Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee

    The Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee is comprised of parents, legal guardians, community leaders, and Freeport School District members.  The committee meets quarterly to participate in the panning, operation, and evaluation of the language programs within the district. Meetings typcially include the following topic related issues:

    • Accessing services and resources available within the local community
    • Educational issues
    • Financing programs
    • Assessment
    • Parent Traning and Resource Accessibility