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October 4, 2022 Board Meeting

Regular meeting the Freeport School District Board of Education October 4, 2022

The Board Received Numerous Reports that will be detailed in the Board Meeting Minutes:

Attendance - through Sept. 30

Week One      91.5%

Week Two      90.9%

Week Three   91.6%

Week Four     90.8%

Week Five      92.1%


ISBE Student Discipline Survey

Two areas that ISBE has brought to our attention in writing:

  1. issuing a monetary fine or fee as a disciplinary consequences or

  2. referring truant students to local law enforcement, which may lead to the fine or a fee as punishment for truancy


ISBE encourages all districts to review their policies and procedures related to student discipline to ensure they are compliant with state statute and endeavoring to provide an evidence-based and restorative school climate. Any school district engaging in one or more of these prohibited practices must stop and replace these methods with disciplinary procedures that are compliant with the School Code. 


Action taken: We responded to ISBE  in writing on Sept. 30. We stated that  our district will not engage in one or more of these prohibited practices.


 Courageous Principals Leadership Development Training Level 1

FSD Principals, along with Dr. Alvarado and Dr. Cloat attended the above training. Dr. Alvarado highlighted the training and explained how principal leadership is a significant factor driving high performance of students. School leaders are uniquely positioned to impact teacher performance and student outcomes. The more effective principals are as leaders, the more resourceful, instructive, and effective our school systems can become. Principals Johnson, Sago and B. Summers shared their perspective and learning from the conference.



AVID Update

AVID Director Julie Nieman led a report updating the board on FSD’s AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. The update covered District priorities and elective data.


Informational Report

The board heard a report from Asst. Superintendent for Business, Dr. McDermott.

The City of Freeport contacted the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent about the possibility of extending the walking/bike path through town along the west end of Park Hills Golf Course and into the woods adjoining the northwest edge of the golf course. This 40 acre property is owned by the school district.


Portion of the proposed trail will be along the side of the tillable portion of the property that the district agriculture students use, and the northern section is in the non-tillable forested section of the property.


The trail will not interfere with any school district operations.


The City is applying for a grant to fund this work. If the grant is awarded, the City will present the district with a proposed intergovernmental agreement that addresses the easement needs. 


Decision Timeline: TBD


Board Vacancy

Due to the resignation of board member Pete Norman, there is an immediate vacancy on the BOE.  The process for interested candidates and timeline can be viewed here.




The BOE:

Approved the Consent Agenda, which included the following:

  • FSD & Career TEC bills                                                                                                       FSD Personnel Report


Took Action in Favor Of Previously Presented Items:

  • FHS Show Choir Tour 2023

  • Solution Tree Proposal

The public is always invited and encouraged to attend Freeport School District Board of Education meetings. ​The next scheduled regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM.  Meetings can be accessed virtually and information on joining the meetings can be found here.