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December 18, 2018 Board Meeting Highlights

At its regular meeting held on Dec. 18, 2018, the Freeport School District Board of Education:

● Recognized several FHS athletes for achievements in soccer, golf, football, swimming, volleyball, and cross country.  ​(Additional contact: Dr. Beth Summers, FHS Principal, 815-232-0400,

● Received an update about safety training that the District Leadership Team recently received from members of the Freeport Police Department. (Additional contact: Dr. Mike Schiffman, Superintendent, 815-232-0308,

● Received information about the City of Freeport’s interest in applying for a Flood Mitigation Grant that would allow the city to purchase properties on the east side of town and discussed how that could potentially impact the Freeport School District.           ​(Additional contact: Dr. Mike Schiffman, Superintendent, 815-232-0308,

● Reviewed information about the process of transitioning to a career academy model at the high school. A multi-year plan would begin with convening a steering taskforce. This item was for information only. A more detailed proposal will be shared with the Board in January. (Additional contact: Dr. Duane Meighan, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, 815-232-0310,

● Approved a proposed expansion of the district’s preschool program. Through a state grant, the district has an opportunity to create a full day classroom for early childhood programming beginning in January 2019. This program will give highest priority for selection to those impacted by homelessness, child welfare involvement, disability, and family income at or below 50% of the Federal Poverty Level. (Additional contact: Mr. Jack Code, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, 815-801-0853,

● Approved a proposal for new courses and revisions to existing courses for implementation at Freeport High School in the 2019-2020 school year. ​New courses proposed include Transitional Math, Advanced Swimming/Lifeguarding, Cinematography - The Art of Video Making, and Future Planning. Also proposed was a change to ​the school’s credit system. (Additional contact: Dr. Beth Summers, FHS Principal, 815-232-0400,

● Approved updates to the district’s board policies in accordance with the Illinois Association of School Boards’ recommendations in PRESS. (Additional contact: Dr. Mike Schiffman, Superintendent, 815-232-0308,

● Adopted a 2018 tax levy of $20,798,321, based on keeping the tax rate even with the 2017 levy at 7.03817. The Board’s adoption of this flat tax rate will ensure that if property values stay the same or decrease, the Freeport School District portion of the property tax bill will not increase. The property tax levy provides approximately 40% of the Freeport School District’s funding. (Additional contact: Dr. Patrick McDermott, Asst. Superintendent of Business & Finance, 815-232-0305,

The public is always invited and encouraged to attend Freeport School District Board of Education meetings.The next scheduled regular meeting will be held ​Tuesday, January 15, 2019,​ at ​6:00 PM​ ​at the ​Freeport Middle School​ Conference Center.