• Our Mission:

    In partnership with students, family and community,
    we educate every student for the challenges of today
    and the opportunities of tomorrow
    through the continuous pursuit of excellence.


    FSD145 Central Office

    About 4,200 students come to Freeport Public Schools each day. We consider it our job to open the door of learning for each one. Located in the northwest corner of Illinois, Freeport School District 145 (FSD145) serves the children of Freeport (population 26,000) and the nearby bedroom communities of Cedarville (population 750) and Ridott (population 150). We became District 145 several years after we first started educating the children of Freeport.

    Today, FSD145 maintains ten busy school buildings: an elementary International Baccalaureate candidate Magnet School, five additional elementary schools (Preschool - 4th grade), two middle schools (grades 5-8), one high school (9th - 12th grade), one alternative high school, and a smaller transitional education facility. Our dedicated staff of 750, encouraged and supported by the school board and the administration, works diligently to understand and meet the needs of each of our students.

    District Superintendent Dr. Mike Schiffman is assisted in the Central Administrative Office by Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Curriculum, Dr. Duane Meighan; Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance, Dr. Patrick McDermott; Director of Human Resources, Chris Shockey; Pupil Personnel Services Director, Jack Code; and Director of Equity & Curriculum, Nita White. The Board of Education, led by President Dr. Edward Finch and Vice-President Janice Crutchfield, also includes members Shirley Bradley, Abbe Hayner, Pete Norman, George McCarty, and Jack Sosnowski.

                               Freeport School District 
                                    Governing Values
    •    We provide a high quality education for all students.

    •    We treat each person with fairness and respect.

    •    We model and expect responsible citizenship in our community.

    •    We provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

    •    We communicate openly and cooperatively.

    •    We continuously improve in everything we do.