Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Reuben Cooper

Reuben Cooper

Biographical information
Reuben Cooper is a native of Miami, Florida and is in his
second year as Associate Principal at Freeport High
School. Before coming to Freeport High School, Reuben
was a music instructor in DeKalb, Illinois, Hampton,
Virginia and Miami, Florida. Most recently Reuben was
the Director of Student Discipline and Compliance in RPS
205 in Rockford, Illinois. Mr. Cooper has taught music
and served as Assistant Principal and Principal at the
elementary and secondary school levels over a career than
spans more than 25 years.

During the course of his career Reuben has served as
Department chair, Positive Behavioral Interventions and
Supports (PBIS) coordinator and Internal and Secondary
coach. Reuben also served as a Mentor teacher/coach and
community and parent to staff liaison. Reuben has
experience working in rural and urban school districts in
marginalized and underserved communities with student
enrollment populations of 350-3500 students.

Reuben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music
Education from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee,
Florida, and a Masters of Science degree in music and
jazz pedagogy from Northern Illinois University in
DeKalb, Illinois.

Work Information
Reuben serves as Associate Principal of Curriculum and
Instruction at Freeport High School.

Key Responsibilities
Curriculum and Instruction, One Goal platform, Career
Tech, Reading Apprenticeship, Create and Lead
Academies, Transportation and bus supervision, and staff

During his leisure time, Reuben enjoys exploring new
languages, playing golf and chess, travel and eating good
food. “Go Pretzels.”