Course Selection

  • Plan Your 2019-2020 Schedule

    All current Freeport High School students will be selecting courses for the 2019-2020 school year between January 7-February 15, 2019. Check the Guidance Calendar Page for specific grade level dates. 

    School Counselors will conduct Orientation prior to individual conferences for student course selection. At that time students will receive an Individual Course Selection Form to indicate the requested courses for the following school year. It is recommended that the student's parents review this planning form.

    The Course Description Book is now available. Refer to it for complete course descriptions, prerequisites, amd other important scheduling information. We hope you will take advantage of our broad selection of offerings from all departments.

    Students are encouraged to carefully select courses, you will be expected to honor your choices.

    Sample Course Request Forms are available below.

    Freshman Course Request Form

    Sophomore Course Requests

    Junior Course Requests

    Senior Course Requests