Introducing the Academies of Freeport

  • construction photo FSD145 is excited to share the transformation of our comprehensive high school into a future-focused career pathway model to help propel our students into their successful college and career aspirations. Working with our principals, teachers, the business community, and post-secondary partners, we built the framework for the Academies of Freeport High School, launched during the 2020-2021 school year.

    What is an Academy?

    Academies are small learning communities that provide real-world experiences with local businesses and professionals, linking schoolwork and the workplace. Each of the three Academies at Freeport High School will include at least three pathways. A pathway is a sequence of courses designed to help students prepare for a specific career area while meeting the mandatory high school graduation requirements. Regular coursework, including math, language arts, science, and history, is presented within the context of the academy’s focus. Students will also have the same opportunities they have now to select elective courses such as Fine Arts, Advanced Placement, and World Language.

    How does it work?

    Exploration will begin during the freshman year of school during Careers or AVID class. Students will take several assessments in Xello (formerly Career Cruising) and an aptitude assessment through YouScience.  A Your Future, Your Choice Career Fair will be held in November to help students explore their options.

    Pathways provide students with a plan to connect coursework in high school with college and career opportunities after graduation. After choosing a pathway, students will select one Academy to pursue during their high school career. Students will have opportunities to earn college credits, experience apprenticeships, and earn certifications in a particular field of study.

    What do Academies offer?

    • Smaller, more personalized learning environments
    • Partnerships with businesses that provide opportunities for students to solve real-world problems for authentic learning
    • A focus on 21st-century skills students need to succeed in college and life
    • A culture of teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity
    • Rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum
    • Preparation for college and career

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