Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Beth Summers, Principal

Phone: (815) 232-0400
Biographical Information
Dr. Beth Summers began her teaching career as an English teacher in Stockton, Illinois, and two years later left teaching to try out law school and municipal management. Finding her true calling to be education, she returned to teaching at Freeport High School in 2001 as an English and Journalism teacher. After three years at the high school, Dr. Summers became FSD145’s first Administrative Intern at the Board Office.
For a period of eight years, Dr. Summers gained valuable experience outside of the Freeport School District as an Associate Principal at Hononegah for three years and the High School Principal in Winnebago for five years. Freeport has always been home to Beth and her family, and she returned to the District in 2013 as the High School Principal.  She presents regularly at conferences and has offered consultative services to other school districts in the areas of quality assessments and measuring student academic growth.
Dr. Summers holds five degrees from Northern Illinois University, where she has been almost continuously enrolled for twenty years. Her degrees in English, Educational Administration (3), and Public Administration have all shaped her leadership development. She is a member of the Illinois Association of School Administrators, Illinois Principal’s Association, and ASCD, and was one of 100 applicants from across the country selected to participate in the pilot programming for National Board Certification as a Principal.
Dr. Summers is married and has two spirited boys. To relax she reads, writes, and plays piano. She has served as a church organist since she was twelve and enjoys the hard work of gardening, which allows her to get in touch with her Pearl City dairy farm roots.
Work Information

The Principal is responsible for successfully preparing students at the end of their school years for opportunities and challenges beyond Freeport High School.  Rigorous academics and rewarding extracurricular experiences shape the individual development of each student.  Policies and procedures set forth by the Freeport Board of Education and the State of Illinois provide structure and guidance.
Key Responsibilities
  • Ensure that every child is prepared academically and socially for the world of today and tomorrow
  • Implement and shape the use of Freeport High School’s strategic and school improvement plans
  • Align curriculum and instruction to the Common Core Standards, Science Next Generation Standards, and applicable state and national standards for electives.
  • Provide a safe environment for learning through the use of P.R.I.D.E. and the enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Seek input from stakeholders regularly including staff, students, parents and the Freeport community
  • Foster content team structures to allow staff to work together to increase student learning performance and foster a collaborative culture of learning
  • Provide and promote leadership to support District 145 Initiatives and building objectives.
  • Set rigorous goals for improvement and the supports to reach those goals 
  • Use data from several sources to continually analyze success, think about improvements, plan for the future, create beneficial changes, and celebrate successes