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Apr. 17th Board Meeting Highlights

For Immediate Release

April 18, 2018 

At its regular meeting held Tuesday evening, the Freeport School District Board of Education:

● Announced that Board President Dr. Edward Finch has decided to resign from his role as member and president of the Board. Janice Crutchfield has assumed the role of board president. A process to fill the vacancy on the Board created by Dr. Finch’s resignation is in progress and will be completed by May 15, 2018. For more information on the process, please visit the district website. We thank Dr. Finch for his service on the Board and for his commitment to the students and staff of FSD. (Additional contact: Janice Crutchfield, Board of Education President,

● Adopted a new board meeting schedule for April 2018 to April 2019. The schedule will be posted on the district website for viewing. (Additional contact: Greta Harrell, Secretary to the Board of Education, 815-232-0308,

● Considered a proposal to adjust the district’s elementary boundaries for the 2018-2019 school year. Due to disparities in building size and enrollments, it is being recommended that the boundaries between Blackhawk Elementary, Center Elementary, and Taylor Park Elementary be adjusted slightly. This item will return to the board for action at a later date. (Additional contact: Dallas Pieper, Director of Enrollment & Transportation, 815-232-0580,

● Considered a proposal for increased discipline support throughout the district. The financial impact of this proposal is still being determined and the Board will consider it further at a later date. (Additional contact: Dr. Mike Schiffman, Superintendent, 815-232-0308,

● Approved an update to the reading teacher job description. (Additional contact: Dr. Duane Meighan, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, 815-232-0310,

● Approved a proposal for the adoption of middle school science instructional materials. The proposal includes the purchase of the Activate Learning - Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology (IQWST) program. (Additional contact: Dr. Duane Meighan, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, 815-232-0310,

The public is always invited and encouraged to attend Freeport School District Board of Education meetings. The next scheduled regular meeting will be held ​Tuesday, May 1, 2018,​ at ​6:00 PM​ ​at ​Freeport Middle School