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Jones-Farrar & Blackhawk Schools On Adaptive Pause Jan. 14 - Jan. 19

All students at Jones-Farrar & Blackhawk Elementary School will transition to an adaptive pause beginning Friday, January 14 through Tuesday, January 18, due to an outbreak of COVID positive cases. This decision has been made in collaboration with the health department. Students are expected to return to school on Wednesday, January 19. Should this change, the school/district will be sure to communicate this information to you on Tuesday. Please note that Monday January 17, is a District Holiday. 

Please be reminded that attendance counts during adaptive pause, even though classes will be held remotely. Students will follow the schedule that their teachers sent them last Friday when the entire district was on adaptive pause. Teachers will be available to answer questions tomorrow morning starting at 8:00 am. Thank you for your understanding. Again, this applies to all Jones-Farrar & Blackhawk students

Questions for these schools should be directed to:

Jones-Farrar: 815-232-0610 or emailing

Blackhawk: 815-232-0490 or emailing

If you do not have students at these schools but have questions please contact your child's school.