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COVID-19 Board Approved Closure Update (10/21/20)

COVID-19 Board Approved Closure Update

This week the positivity rate continues to run at 8% or above in our county.  Initially, the District presented that data trending at or above 8% would cause closure of schools.  Over the last two weeks, the administrative staff has received guidance regarding additional data points from the Stephenson County Health Department (SCHD). Craig Beintema, the Director of the SCHD, presented to the Board on two occasions this week.  


At great length, Board members discussed that when the Board first approved the plan, our region and county did not have the school based data that we have now.  The Board held a special meeting on Wednesday, October 21, following their regular October 20 Board Meeting, to review the current county and school based data and to approve the new metrics:


Amended Metrics


Métricas enmendadas Español