• The Freeport School District employs Family Resource Coordinators (FRC) at its kindergarten, elementary, and middle level schools. The objective is to promote the partnerships between schools and parents/guardians that enable children to learn, achieve and develop socially and emotionally.

    Where school-home links are strong, students’motivation, attendance and levels of academic achievement improve. The research overwhelmingly demonstrates that parent involvement in children’s learning is positively related to achievement. While parent involvement can take many forms, research shows active parent involvement such as working with your child at home, supporting school activities, helping out in the classroom and going on field trips result in greater student benefits.

    Each of the FRC’s has a caseload of 25 students. Referrals to the FRC can be made by your child’s teacher or by you as the parent/guardian.

    Find out more about what the FRC program has to offer - Family Resource Coordinator Brochure

    Contact information for the FRC at your child’s school is listed below:
    Empire School