Welcome to the Empire Elementary School Instructional Media Center. Students and families are encouraged to select books from our collection of over 17,000 titles to borrow and read. PK THRU 4THgrade visit the library twice a week, once to check out books and the second to have a story time or activity with Mrs. *. Students are also encouraged to use “Open Library” every weekday morning to exchange books they have finished reading and check out another. Books are loaned for a week but may be renewed for another, if necessary. 

    There is only one rule for the Empire books when they go home:


    What does this rule mean? Students need to read 20 minutes or more every day so they need to take their books home. Hands are used to place the book in their totebag/backpack to take home, hands are used to take them out and read, as soon as reading time is done the books need to go back in the totebag/backpack.  Don’t lay them anywhere (bed, dresser, bookcase, refrigerator, dog’s mouth)-put them right back in that bag. If the student didn’t get a chance to read that book they can bring it home again. This insures that books are always available for reading in class and for class projects that may include using that library book. It also keeps the students from losing their books and having to pay for the book. The books never stay at home without the student!! When they bring the books back to school the books are placed in their desk or in the return crate/basket. 

    Reading opens the minds of our students to so many things, to ideas for future careers and adventures, to improvement in all subject areas, to a lifetime of reading enjoyment. The more you read, the better you read.


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