• Freeport School District's mission is as follows: In partnership with students, family and community, we educate every student for the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow through the continuous pursuit of excellence.

    The district's strategic plan(pdf) outlines four goals the district has as it seeks to achieve that mission:

    Goal 1 (Theme: Academic Excellence & Learning)

    All students will graduate ready for college, careers, and life in a globally competitive economy.

    Goal 2 (Theme: 21st Century Educator)

    A highly qualified and motivated staff is recruited, developed, and supported to provide 21st century instruction to every student.

    Goal 3 (Theme: Family & Community Relationships)

    Family and community relationships will be cultivated, sustained, and strengthened through timely and transparent communication.

    Goal 4 (Theme: Financial Stability)

    Fiscal responsibility to effectively realize school district objectives.