• Greetings FSD145 School Community, 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope that you are enjoying your summer and finding time to unwind and relax before our August school opening. As I begin a new leadership journey, I am extremely proud and honored to have been selected by the FSD Board of Education, under the leadership of Board President Ms. Janice Crutchfield, as your new Superintendent.

    As we turn to a new chapter in the FSD story, there is much for all of us to be excited about as we begin this school year. There has been a long standing tradition of Pretzel Pride across the district which positions all of us to raise our expectations of what is possible for students. A key area of focus for this coming school year is ensuring that all of our students have equitable access to high quality content and rigorous curriculum. This work will only be possible if we create a strong partnership with our educators and school leaders. We also want to make sure that part of the social emotional learning initiative incorporates student voice and adult learning. Student agency, ownership, and identity will be key levers for how our students can develop as critical thinkers and learners. 

    My mission as your new superintendent is driven by my belief that all students can learn when afforded the appropriate academic and social emotional supports, as well as a demonstrated understanding of their cultural background. My entry plan will include listening actively to various stakeholder groups in order to gain an understanding of the educational landscape of FSD and, at the same time, building strong partnerships that will advance three key areas: Academic Excellence, Family and Community Engagement, and Financial Sustainability. At the beginning of the school year, I look forward to sharing our district wide initiatives and programs that will demonstrate our singular laserlike focus on instruction and build consistent high quality practices across all schools. 

    All of us are called to share in the responsibility for the success of our students. I will work closely with our FSD Board of Education to establish a partnership that serves our students well and to create working conditions for employees that reflect our core values. I also look forward to leading our Central Office Administrative Team to make sure we remain focused on holding ourselves accountable for increasing our efficiencies and effectiveness in our service delivery model. 

    My commitment to you will be driven by my ability to lead by example and integrity, to make sure that my actions mirror my beliefs and earn your trust. I am open to learning new ideas and embracing the traditions of FSD that serve all children well. I am truly humbled by this new responsibility and am both enthusiastic about learning from each of you and eager to contribute in a positive way to the Pretzel life.


    Anna Alvarado, EdD

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