• In addition to the district strategic plan, whereby all students will experience success, we have included some additional initiatives to target specific groups to increase opportunities and ensure equity.

    GOAL 1:

    Theme:  Academic Excellence and Learning
    All students will graduate ready for college, careers, and life in a globally competitive economy.
    Develop Plans to ensure culturally relevant curriculum and resources for a variety of student backgrounds, in particular second language learners. 
    Establish a district-wide Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Committee. The district will ensure that all stakeholders are knowledgeable about MTSS, its focus on early intervention, and its implementation. Ensure that all schools implement and maintain an appropriate MTSS system.
    Develop plans to teach appropriate student behavior and support teachers on how to best manage classrooms to maximize instructional time.
    GOAL 2: 
    Theme: 21st Century Educator
    A highly qualified and motivated staff is recruited, developed, and supported to provide 21st century instruction to every student.
    Increase the number of minority teachers to better reflect the District’s student population. Support school administrators to focus on minority hiring that reflects the school population. Explore strategies / programs to encourage academically talented minority students to pursue careers in education.
    Increase knowledge of cultural competence where staff members have high expectations for students and colleagues, and have an awareness of, and respect for cultural differences. Provide diversity training for all staff and communicate the process for reporting complaints. 
    GOAL 3: 
    Theme: Family and Community Relationships
    Family and community relationships will be cultivated, sustained, and strengthened through timely and transparent communication. 
    Establish Parent Leadership groups for specific ethnic groups, i.e. African American Parent Leadership and Latino Parent Leadership.
    Establish Student involvement groups to target minority students such as African American Cultural Group, Latino Cultural Group, Arabic Student Groups, etc.
    GOAL 4:  
    Theme: Financial Stability
    Fiscal  responsibility to effectively realize school district objectives.
    4.2.4 Ensure priority funding for district-wide equity initiatives.